5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Jewelry Gift.

You would be surprised if I told you what's the most common question we get at the Issai store - I’m getting a gift, how do I choose??!
I love this kind of projects because they always turn out beautiful. Yet at the start you can be navigating in unknown waters and have an initial conversation that goes something similar to -  "I know jewelry would be a good gift for her/him, its memorable, has strong significance and it will make him look really cool, yet I have no idea where to start with all the products, sizing, engravings, and. what he/she will actually wear". After going through this process several times I noticed there are 5 general mistakes in the process that we can easily avoid.  
  1. Don't stress about sizing. 
    Not everybody knows their ring size by heart! Yet this is easier than it seems, most of our customers oscillate between few sizes. Our data has shown us that for fingers except the pinky 60% of men will fit a size 10. For women 60% fit a size 5 and 25% a size 6. This narrows it down a lot, yet if you are still unsure you can visit our ring sizer page at issai.co where you will find many resources to help.
    Otherwise, we love to recommend one of our beautiful one size fits all bracelets or necklaces. These our widely popular with gift giving and have never gone wrong. 
  2. Don't get intimidated by different kinds of metals. 
     The most popular metals for jewelry are stainless steel, silver, and gold (yellow, white and rose). What you choose will be mainly determined by your budget, gold is much pricier than silver, yet quality is outstanding in both. Silver and white gold looks great in light skin tones.Yellow and rose gold looks incredible in warm skin colors such as olive and dark tones. If this is their first piece a great go to is silver with a contrast colored stone. 
  3. Don't overwhelmed by all the possibilities. 
    Its pretty simple, you can't go wrong if you stick to the  main jewelry categories; rings, bracelets and necklaces. If you ask me I'd say get a ring, they are my favorite and everybody needs a good one. Yet not everybody might be ready for it, get a ring for someone who is already used to wearing jewelry but has never had a ring, and is still unsure, sometimes it takes a couple of days to get used to a rings however, afterwards they will most likely want to wear all the time. Get a bracelet for someone who is constantly working with their hands and a ring would interrupt their labor. Finally, necklaces won't go wrong with anybody, choose one especially if you want to have a great amount of significance attached to it, as they will be closest to the heart.
  4. Don't forget that the details is where the magic happens. 
    The gift is found in the gifting hands and not the gift itself. Don't stick to a generic piece but include meaning into each decision you make. What color stone does your best memory together remind you of? What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about this person? What makes this person stand out from a crowd? A beautiful way to include personalized character is through an engraved message. Think about a phrase that you would want this person to remember forever. 
  5. Don't complicate it 
    You want to know a secret? 100% of all the gift givers we have helped  have  come back to thank  us because of how perfect the piece was and how much the recipient loved it. So, choosing the gift is not as hard as it seems. Don't try to impress, they already like you and if not don't try to buy their attention. If you ask for my opinion, try to get the first piece that reminds you of them and then make it special. Once you choose add an engraving, make a nice note, pick a beautiful stone and be confident about it. 

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