• How can I know my size?

We have made a simple tutorial for anybody to find your perfect fit here. We recommend you visit your local jeweler to find your perfect fit.

  • Do you do engravings?

Yes, we do hand engraving with classic block or script font. You can request at the text checkout box. Maximum number of characters is 6.

  • Do I have a warranty on my purchase?

ISSAI pieces have a 1-year warranty for production defects.

  • Where do you produce?

We have partnered with a small family owned factory in our native Guadalajara, Mexico where we manufacture our pieces with the highest quality standards.

  • How should I choose what piece is right for me?

Listen to your spirit animal, and use your gut feel.

  • I had an issue with my stone, it broken or fell off, what do I do?

You are entitled to a stone replacement if the stone is damaged due to a production defect. Please email us here issai@issai.co
If your stone has been damaged due to natural wear and tear we have a stone replacement service for $30 USD. Please email us at issai@issai.co

  • How can I apply for financing?

Please email us at issai@issai.co and tell us more about what you are after, we will tailor a custom plan for you.

  • Does the financing cost or accrue any interests?

No, our financing plans are free of charge or interests, and almost everybody is elegible. 

  • How much and when do I have to pay?

Once you request a financing quote through email you will receive a proposal with dates and amounts. 


Jewelry Care

  • Can I shower with my jewelry?

As much as you love your jewelry you should not shower with it, metals tend to tarnish when exposed to humidity.

  • Can I sleep with my jewelry?

Many people say, hey Issai I never like to take my jewelry off, yes we understand

  • Does Gold and silver tarnish?

Yes, gold and silver a metal and can tarnish when exposed to air or oxidizes.Tarnish is a natural occurance on silver and most gold carats. 

  • Do you protect your pieces against tarnish?

Yes, we cover our pieces with an anti-tarnish protection that looks after each piece. 

  • My piece tarnished what can I do?

You can visit your local goldsmith for a clean. There are many solutions online that we have tried and tested, work yet we cannot officially condone them. 

Custom Pieces

  • How can I work with an expert to make a custom piece?

Send us a message to start speaking with one of our experts, it doesn’t matter what stage of the buying process you are in.
We have a Whatsapp line connected to our experts at +5213311939073, Facebook message through /issaistudios, email us at issai@issai.co or fill in the contact form here . Whatever you feel more comfortable with. We typically answer within 24 hrs.

We are always available at Issai. Send us an email to issai@issai.co or here . We typically answer within 24 hrs. 

Our experts are live receiving requests through our instagram page, email issai@issai.co or here 

  • Is there a minimum budget for a custom piece?

Each custom piece requires additional efforts to produce from our team. The minimum custom order is for $500 USD,

  • How long does a custom piece take to make?

4-5 weeks to be ready to ship.

  • When do I have to pay my custom piece?

You can apply for one of our financing programs here. However they require a 50% down payment to get started, the remaining 50% can be done through financing.

  • Can I return a custom piece?

All ISSAI custom pieces are final sale as they are made to order to be sure to choose wisely and find your perfect fit.


Engagement Rings

  • How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

That’s totally up to you, some say you should spend 3 months worth of your salary yet feel no pressure to do so. The average ticket in the US goes between $3-5K USD.

  • Where do you source diamonds?

Our diamonds come from trusted distributors who handle GIA certified diamonds. Each diamond is invisibly marked with its serial number only visible through a microscope. We also handle non-certified smaller diamonds for the band and such, they come from our same trusted distributors.

  • How long does an engagement ring take to make?

The production process usually takes 3 weeks after you have approved your final design and paid.

  • How do you ship engagement rings and is it safe?

We ship insured through private curriers. No parcel of ours has ever been lost or stolen in transit, so we trust it is safe, plus shipping insurance protects items.


Manufacturing Service

  • What is the manufacturing service?

A service we provide to designers worldwide to produce the jewelry items for their collections.

  • I am interested in sourcing my jewelry production needs, where do I start?

Great, please email Issai at issai@issai.co and tell us more about you have in mind for this project.

  • Is there a minimum order for the manufacturing service?

Yes we can discuss this further over email.

  • What can we produce?

We have a wide range of production capabilities, we would love to hear your idea and discuss it further.



  • How can I contact the ISSAI team?

The best way to reach us isby emailing us at issai@issai.co with your enquiry

  • How do I stay up to date with news?

Instagram is our #1 go to where we share new items, offers and projects. We also like to share updates through our email newsletter. Sign up at the bottom of our site.

  • How do I sign up to the newsletter?

You can sign up at the bottom of our home page at issai.co

  • How do I unsubscribe from Issai´s  Newsletter?

You can click the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of each email we send.


Refunds and Returns

  • Am I entitled to a return?

All our pieces are final sale as they are custom made. Faulty pieces are entitled to a return up to 10 days after your order has been received.

  • How do I return my item?

Please view instructions here.