Gold Disc Tiger Eye Pendant
Gold Disc Tiger Eye Pendant
Gold Disc Tiger Eye Pendant

Gold Disc Tiger Eye Pendant

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The unisex Gold Disc Tiger Eye Pendant Necklace has been crafted by hand to make a personal totem to keep close to heart. It's golden to red-brown tone has marveled humanity for centuries, the legend tells that for its beauty, in the 16th century it was more precious than gold. 
Medallions have for centuries been to show allegiance and remind oneself of the faith it holds. The meaning is given by the owner and worn through time.

This piece  made from sterling gold and the highest quality Tiger Eye stones sourced from trusted partners. 
The stone will come with a variant in the color. 

- Natural Tiger Eye
- Made in 10K solid gold, it can also be requested in 10K white or rose gold here
- The top plate comes in a diameter of 22 mm. 
- Box chain
- Chain length is 50cm (20in) in the photo can also be requested with different lengths here

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Gold Disc Tiger Eye Pendant